About Us

Pablo Romero, the founder of PR Selections, is from a family that has been active in Spain’s food and beverage business for generations. After many years of working in various managerial roles in other industries, he decided to dedicate 100% of his time to his passion for wines. PR Selections is the manifestation of his vision to bring Spanish wines to the position they deserve in the U.S. market and internationally. Pablo is a professional sommelier who graduated from the European School of Sommelier.

Pablo’s love and passion for Spanish wines led him, and his business partner/PR Selections Sales Director Debbie Cherniak, to found PR Selections. With 15+ years in various sales roles, Debbie’s experience includes building markets both internationally and domestically with the ability to foster strong quality relationships with her clients both professionally and personally. Pablo and Debbie have been passionately tasting wines to bring you their very best selections.

We truly believe in our wines and look forward to sharing them with you soon.

Our goal is to share our expertise with you.  We select the best wines from the varied regions of Spain and bring them straight to U.S. buyers and wine aficionados. Each wine represents the highest attributes from its’ region at the best prices, without compromising quality. Our focus is on family owned wineries with long traditions and passions for wine making. We strive to educate our customers on the wide range of Spain varietals by highlighting the history and uniqueness of the people and places behind these exceptional wines. Our presence in both Spain and the U.S. offers immediate advantages to you, while our backgrounds in food and beverages provide our clients with a personal hands-on service.

Camen Garrobo- Director of the Spanish Tasting School, VP AMS

Working with Pablo has been a pleasure. I knew from the beginning that his natural talent for wine, together with his continuous drive to improve, would drive him to become one of the foremost Spanish wine experts.


  When presented with the opportunity of working with Pablo I jumped at it! My wines could not be in better hands.