Alex 2015

From Navarra Region we selected this exceptional Grenache rose wine made through the “bleeding” traditional method to obtain the maximum aromatic expression and flavor intensity.

This wine represents the best of its wine area. Full of personality and quality that comes from the best grapes and winemaking process. for more information please click the link

WINE:    Alex Rosé 2015

WINERY: Viñedos de Calidad


GRAPE VARIETY: 100% Grenache

VINE & SOIL: Vineyard are located in Corella (Navarra),  These lands lie at the confluence of two rivers: the Ebro and the Alhama, on the border between Navarra and La Rioja. In all great wine regions of the world, there is always a major river next to quality vinyards and this area is no exception. Dark grey-brown soils, rich in calcium and magnesium, stony but easy to farm, with good ventilation and draining. It´s considered to be one of the best in the world for rosé  wine production.

CLIMATE: The Climate has an Atlantic influence, with cold winters, warm summers and long warm autumn. The strong temperature variation between day and night causes slow ripening, which is very suitable for producing polyphenols, developing aromas, and giving our wines their characteristic quality.

WINEMAKING: After being in contact with the skins for 24 hours, the must is obtained by the “bleeding” traditional method and fermented in stainless steel tanks  at low temperature (15° C) for 25 days to deplete the sugars and aromatic extract the full potential of the variety.

HARVEST: Mechanical harvesting is done by night, avoiding the oxidation of the musts and optimising the use of cold in the cellar.

2015 VINTAGE: The Control Board of the Navarra Designation of Origin gave the 2011 Rioja vintage the official rating of “VERY GOOD”. The exceptional health of the grapes coupled with very moderate production yields were key factos in order to reach this excellent rating.

PRODUCTION: 50.000 bottles.


Alcohol: 13.5% vol.                    pH: 3.53                          Total Acidity: 5 g/L TH2

Volatile Acidity: 0.5 g/L AcH     Total Sulfur: 22 mg/l     Residual Sugar: 1.3 g/L

TASTING NOTES: Its raspberry pink colour and bright, gives a first idea of structured wine before we taste it. With intense green highlights shows a recent development. We feel its aromatic intensity virtually since the wine fills the glass, highlighting the flavors of strawberries and fresh raspberries with light shades of peach. In the mouth is dense and sweet, with sufficient acidity to give to the set anice balance..

Drink now through 2018.