PR Selections imports wine from Spain to the United States. We represent boutique to mid-size wineries that highlight the best varietals that embody the distinct character and terrain of Spain’s diverse regions. Our hand selected wineries produce wines of the utmost quality and value.  

Ondalan SelecciónTempranillo 2011

Clear example of aged Riojas Tempranillo. Intensity of ripe red and black fruits and strong...

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Oxia 2013

Premium Grenache from its hometown. Great balance, concentration and good acidity, include fruit...

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Palacio Canedo Mencía 2015

If you haven’t tried a Mencia grape wine from Bierzo area you are missing a fantastic experience....

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Palacio Canedo Reserva 2011

The Mencia from Bierzo experience after 24 months in oak. An intense, clean and direct wine that...

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Palacio Canedo Sangría Limonada 2015

Extraordinary natural Sangria from Mencia grapes. Soft and greedy entrance which leads to an...

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Señorío de la Cuenca 2015

Pure Tempranillo. Fragant at the mouth, round, soft and smooth, with just the right balance...

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Seville Orange

Dessert wine made with the typical “criaderas y soleras” sherry system aged in american oak...

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Suzzane 2013

Made from a single wineyard dated from 1903, this fabulous Riojas Grenache won´t let you...

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PR Selections


We select the best wines from the varied regions of Spain and bring them straight to U.S. buyers and wine aficionados. We believe Spain has the best wines in the world and our goal is to demonstrate this to the biggest wine market in the world: The U.S.A.



Our portfolio represents the best diversity of the wines from all regions of Spain. Our focus is mainly on the mono-varietal indigenous local grapes. Each wine represents the highest attributes from its' region at the best prices, without compromising quality. -Pablo is a professional sommelier who graduated from the European School of Sommelier.


We bring American style customer service to the Spanish wine industry. We strive to educate our customers on the wide range of Spain varietals by highlighting the history and uniqueness of the people and places behind these exceptional wines. Our backgrounds in food and beverages provide our clients with a personal hands-on service.


Sherry. The Cathedrals of Wine

I was a kid the first time I went to a Sherry winery. I still have a blurry memory being with my parents in a big fresh building full of big barrels (they call boots) stacked till the ceiling. I´ve come back many times and I have always the feeling, when I left, of having been travelling backwards...

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Albariño, the heart of Rias Baixas

One of the most interesting characteristics about the Albariño grape is the way it is grown. The vines are trained on a trellis system so that they are high off the ground. The area is on the Atlantic coast, which makes for a soggy and wet climate. This trellis system protects the grapes from rot...

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Bierzo - The kingdom of Mencya

The Bierzo, located in the northwest of Spain province of Leon, is a set of small valleys in a mountain area and a wide flat depression, and the home of the Mencia grape. Blessed with a very special microclimate, surrounded by mountains that protect it from north winds, its mineral rich slate soils...

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